Overhead Cranes

New and reconditioned cranes are supplied from 1 Tonne to 150 Tonne SWL with spans up to 40 metres. We build to customers specific requirements and offer 12 – 24 month warranty on most equipment. They will be Loler certified and tested. All reconditioned cranes are fully refurbished and meet Loler standards…view Overhead Cranes


New and reconditioned goliath cranes are supplied to customer specification. These include full goliaths which can incorporate a single or double cantilever or semi goliaths that only have one leg and usually have a traditional endcarriage running on a gantry on the opposite end…view Goliath Cranes


Our standard range runs from 125kg to 5 Tonne SWL. Jibs are available in underbraced or overbraced design with manual or power slew motion. A range of manual chain blocks, electric chain hoists and wire rope hoist are available to work on jibs. We also carry a stock of used jib cranes and chain hoists…view Jib Cranes


Similar in design to standard overhead cranes underslung cranes have a different endcarriage design allowing them to be supported by runway beams suspended from roof steelwork. The main advantage of this design means there are no columns mounted to the floor…view Underslung Cranes

Lightweight Cranes Systems

Normally supplied for applications between 125kg and 2000kg they offer a cost effective solutions and are usually quick to assemble and offer scope to modify and extend should requirements alter. They can be installed onto existing steelwork and portal structures due to their light weight and low safe working capacity. This makes them a popular choice for industries that do not want to see obstructions on the production floor. These include aerospace, rail and automotive sectors. Their lightweight structure and ease to assemble makes these cranes the ideal lifting aid for areas hard to access, such as laboratories, suspended platforms and tool rooms…view Lightweight Cranes Systems

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